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Relationships Matter

Relationships matter.  Our dedicated experienced bi-lingual team understands that our customer relationships are the foundation of our business.  

SureCap Lenders customers do not represent just a transaction to our team – they are a part of the team – they are our strategic partner. 

Our relationship-based approach focuses their efforts on you “our valued customer” our efficient and clear administrative and underwriting processes ensure a successful close.  

Over Twenty Years of Experience

 We have been involved in all aspects of real estate: investments, development and lending. We share our Borrowers’ passion to build their own business. 

We have have been there… We know what it takes and what you may need to achieve your project objectives.

To ensure success on the front-end of the loan process we developed a streamlined, digital loan approval process designed for speed and simplicity. No bait and switch, no teaser rates.  Cash without a Catch.

SureCap Lenders leverages your investment capital freeing up more investment funds for your investment projects. 

SureCap Lenders is Not an Outsourced Lender

From initial conversation to loan closing you’ll be working with our team of in-house experts at SureCap Lenders – we are not an outsourced lender. 

 Our in-house underwriting, construction management, and servicing teams understand the important role we play in your real estate business, we work in lockstep with you helping you grow and scale your business. 

You can be sure to have a great experience with each and every loan transaction.  Our experienced proficient people, simple straight forward processes, and superior technology ensure you have an exceptional loan experience.

A Knowledgeable, Trusted Business Partner

Our knowledge of the demands and urgency investors face in the real estate investment  Industry runs deep and wide.

We are dedicated to helping our customers build wealth through real estate. By securing the right financial solution for each real estate investment in your portfolio. 

SureCap Lenders moves fast.., making it possible for you to move fast on your opportunities, including unanticipated expenses in a rehab or ground-up project. We know the business inside-out. 

Our Underwriting Team

The Underwriting Team at SureCap Lenders comes along side our Borrower as a strategic partner to ensure that the expected value of each deal can be realized by you our valued customer.  

In addition to the front-end valuation of each investment decision, our Underwriting Team is vested in making this a successful project from its inception.

Competitive Market

The demand for investment properties continues to grow. This is a highly competitive market where investors need to act quickly if they find a desirable property. 

As you explore new opportunities, do your homework, partner with SureCap Lending to grow your business!

SureCap lenders is more than just a lender you make your monthly payment to.  SureCap lenders is deeply involved in understanding your business goals and strategy. We are a lending partner beside you from beginning to end. 

Listening Closely

SureCap Lenders prides itself on listening closely to our customers, building innovative lending solutions to support the shifts in the market growing with the demands of today’s investor. 

As you evaluate your options and strategies get pre-qualified with us so you can act fast to secure deals.

Bi-Lingual (English/Spanish)

We can handle all of your loan requirements from end to end in either English, Spanish or combination of both. 


Unmatched professionalism with a personal touch on your schedule

Innovative solutions to get you the loan you need for your projects

Better use of your time, leveraging our digital processes

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We Have Experience on Both Sides
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we understand the perspective of the real estate entrepreneur,
because we’ve been there ourselves.

The SureCap team
has over 20 years of
experience across
all segments of real estate development.

SureCap Lenders has strong relationships with our clients; our in-house real estate and construction experts know how to close your loan fast and continue to move your project forward until completion.


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