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No bait and switch rates or terms...
We don't disappoint. Get the certainty that comes from a lender that knows real estate inside and out.
What good are below market rates if you cannot close timely.
We understand... We are direct private lenders with many years of real estate experience. Cashout, Refinance, Purchase and more. Our lending power provides the ways to get you the lowest rates with terms that make sense.
You need a Loan?
We have options!
Offering private lending options to real estate investors since 2011. Share your information, we can provide the solution.
Great to deal with...
No selling, just telling. You share your requirements, we will tell you immediately what's possible.
Our Staff is Fully Bi-Lingual
Puede hacer todas sus transacciones en español si lo desea. Lo hacemos todos los días. Nos encantaría tener la oportunidad de trabajar con usted.
We receive all the required documents from you...
If you provide all the required documents and you are in a hurry to close fast. We can expedite your loan. Our Expclose expedited closing process can reduce the time to close by as much as 50%. (10-15 days)
Unlimited Loans, UP to $5 million per loan
We can lend up to $5 million per loan, per property. Take the guess work out of the equation! Let's talk and get you that loan.
Looking for a Loan Partner?
Our value added besides our fantastic rates and terms that make sense is our staff. We have dedicated professional people processing your loan from start to closing. We want to be your go-to resource for loans. DSCR, Ground Up, and more. If you are an investor on the rise, or extracting value from your established portfolio. We are here for you.

Rehab 2023

Rehab 2023

Rehab 2023

Rehab 2023

We want to be
your loan partner

In a rapidly changing market it is reassuring to have
SureCap Lending as your reliable loan partner
SureCap Takes The Uncertainty Out of the Process
“You have the Projects, We have the Funding”

We want to be
your loan partner

In a rapidly changing market it is reassuring to have SureCap Lending as your reliable loan partner
SureCap Takes
The Uncertainty
Out of the Process
“You have the Projects,
We have the Funding”

Success Stories
& Creative Solutions

Some loans can be done as a regular matter of course, others, well… As I am sure you are aware, some require triage, and focused attention to close. SureCap Lending is committed to conclude your deals with a happy ending.
Here we share some examples of five star endings.

It started as a deal that was moving very well until the title company got distracted and was dragging out the process.

SureCap intervened and substituted their preferred title company. All parties pooled their resources to close on time.

This borrower exclaimed: “SureCap was flexible, and free of hoops to jump through. No income verification!

What was important was that there was sufficient equity in the property.

My loan closed fast, process– super smooth”.
Ground Up
This experienced real estate investor found us through her mortgage broker.

We supported all of her requirements With our underwriting flexibility from start to finish for this new construction cash-out project.

Answers to Your Questions

We can move as fast as you move. We have a host of in-house expertise and underwriting capabilities. So we can move fast, however, what grinds everything to a halt is if you do not submit the required  accurately completed  forms.

We provide many types of loans, however, there are four basic categories of loans that we provide: Fix & Flip Loans, Bridge Loans for real estate, DSCR Loans (Long term rental) and Ground-Up (new Construction).

Yes, We provide real estate loans to Foreign Nationals. We have a in-house team of very experienced loan and underwriting advisors that are very familiar with the ins-and outs of these situations. We have funded many real estate projects for Foreign Nationals.

It will depend on what type of loan you need. It most cases the answer is yes. Please let us know the location of the property and we will tell you immediately if we can do the loan for you.

For the most part the answer is yes, however the loan documents will be in English. It is possible to have the loan documents translated (by a certified
We are very experienced, friendly, and knowledgeable. Our dedicated loan teams provide the most suitable, fast, and economically favorable solutions for your project(s). Our business depends on repeat customers and referrals. We have been providing loans since 2011, enjoying the ongoing relationships with our repeat borrowers, and welcome the opportunity to earn your confidence and trust in providing excellent service with prompt communication and answers to your questions. Not only are we lenders, we are also a customer. We are in all facets of Real Estate investing. That is one of the main reasons we are confident you will love working with us. We know real estate investing! We know how to get your loan done timely to meet the project requirements and to your satisfaction!
“You Will Love Dealing With US”

Invest 10 minutes...

Let's exchange information; get that loan that works for you.

No Income or Employment Verification Required
Foreign Nationals Accepted
No Limits on the Number of Properties

We Have Experience on Both Sides
of the Business

we understand the perspective of the real estate entrepreneur,
because we’ve been there ourselves.

The SureCap team
has over 20 years of
experience across
all segments of real estate development.

SureCap Lenders have strong relationships with our clients; our in-house real estate and construction experts know how to close your loan fast and continue to move your project forward until completion.


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